Drift, from mustardcuffins on Vimeo. (via kottke.org)


Most videos of landscapes in stop-motion leave me a bit cold. I think people are still bowled over by the novelty of it all and are content to gape at neat visual tricks. Most videos in this genre have unimaginative soundtracks that impose an artificial rhythm on the pictures and don’t really in the end say very much. There’s something about this one that I like, though. True, there’s no real narrative (not that one needs narrative for something like this to work, mind) and it could easily have come off as just ambient visuals , but the soundtrack here, harking back to the still-camera roots of the piece, is quite evocative. And maybe I, now, am bowled over by the novelty of it all, but there’s a surreal dreaminess to these not-quite-smooth transitions that’s quite appropriate to the mood. There’s a sense that one is looking at a still image and a moving image at the same time. (It looks better  in HD and bigger if you click through to vimeo.)