I’ve been seeing the PBS Off Book series of videos mentioned around the traps a little. The videos look at various aspects of visual and web culture (animated GIFs, tattoos, steampunk, type, for example). A recent one on Film and TV title design has a section on Blue Valentine, at 3’18″, with designer Jim Helton talking about the process. It’s a succint description of the ways in which technique can inform meaning, like taking the lens off the camera to emphasise the blurry nostalgia of some fireworks. He also talks about stills being used in the sequence, and how most of them were taken at times other than the movie shooting. This adds a poignant sense of depth to the characters, emphasising that their lives are more than we have seen on the screen, that they have had many more moments together than we viewers have witnessed.

(via kottke.org)

[More PBS Off Book videos are on YouTube and Vimeo.]